"The best CEOs I know are teachers, and at the core of what they teach is strategy."
– Michael Porter

Even a simple strategy must be clearly communicated and understood so everyone is pulling in the same direction. Research shows that as few as 5-10% of people in organizations actually understand the strategy.

Once your people – from the boardroom to the front line – understand the strategy and where they fit in, it's easier for them to make the right decisions. It's easier for you to build a coherent organization and the capabilities that will differentiate you competitively.

Giraffe engagements begin with a look at your strategic alignment and business drivers. This often uncovers related improvement opportunities, and lays the foundation for successful results.


'How will we get there, chief?'
People are capable of achieving great things if they know what's expected of them, feel connected to the mission, and are able to collaborate. The leader must assure that everyone gets the mission and strategy and are pulling in the same direction. Therefore, effective communication and teamwork become important strategic advantages. Giraffe can help you assess how in-tune your people are, and how able to accomplish the mission together.
'Sure, we have values...they're on the website.'
Values should be the bricks of a company's foundation, not just pretty HR propaganda posters. Communication, respect, integrity and excellence sound like worthy corporate values, don't they? Sure, but they were Enron's, and they obviously didn't matter to those at the top. Leaders must model a company's values and assure their people are living them. Giraffe can help you clarify and communicate your values, so your people will understand the 'how' of fulfilling your mission.
'What's our EVP?'
Why should a talented person join (or stay with) your organization? If you have a clear answer, that's your EVP...your employer value proposition. Knowing how to market your organization to the talent you need has never been more important. But you can't be all things to all people. Are you looking for team players? Go-getters seeking immediate rewards? Builders for the long term? Let Giraffe help you look at your strategy as an employer, profile your key targets, and communicate a clear EVP.