Adaptive organizations evolve by continuously developing new capabilities. They experiment. They try new ideas, select those that work and implement them effectively.

Creative and collaborative people are the heart of adaptive organizations. Learning together and managing your talent have become make-or-break capabilities. Getting them right can help your organization develop new skills, increase employee engagement, and build your leadership pipeline.

Giraffe can work with you to build the value of your human capital and develop a performance culture that encourages people to find creative solutions for the future.


High potentials?
Do you have a clear plan to attract bright young professionals to your organization? To develop and advance them? High-potential people are scarce. Once you have them, you need to nourish their hope, their confidence and their loyalty. We've helped build successful high-potential programs, and we can help you.
Is your crew fit for the race?
Your strategy is mapped out, but what new capabilities will you need to win? You'll probably need more leaders who can drive change and evolve your business. Will you develop or recruit them? The famous 1998 McKinsey report states, 'All that matters is talent,' and leadership talent will be the hardest to find. Let Giraffe review your leadership development plans and help you get ready for the race.
How deep is your bench? Really.
In the largest wave of worker retirements ever, your Boomers will soon move on. Who will become your leaders tomorrow? Your talent management function should identify the capabilities you'll need, use a common performance language, outline clear succession paths, and support an active learning environment. Giraffe can help you develop an effective talent management framework, based on best practices and focused on your strategic goals.