In any performance environment, you get what you measure. How clear are your goals? How well do you evaluate and reward individual and team performance? Does this process support your strategy? Most companies rate themselves below average in performance management. Some simply implement software 'solutions' that only complicate the problem.

Giraffe can help you evaluate your performance management process to see whether you're really measuring what counts. Then we can help you fine-tune it, making it simple and effective, consistent with your strategy, and harmonized with your other talent management processes.


Does performance management really pay?
Many companies believe performance management doesn't really work, can't be done well, or isn't worth the effort. It's not easy, but how else can you be sure all your people are in sync? There is ample evidence connecting good performance management and positive business results. Managers can learn to set clear expectations, apply a fair system of accountability, and provide effective coaching and feedback. Giraffe can help you begin.
Smiley sheets or business impact?
Are your training programs performing? What results do you expect? A training program's ROI may reflect its quality. But it's also connected to performance management and the development conversations your people are having with their managers. Giraffe can help you understand the true impact of your learning and development effort...and help you improve it.
'Can't we just buy some software?'
If the human systems are in place, software can accelerate the process and harmonize your talent management function. But the human systems are the price of admission — your managers must be able to set clear objectives, focus on development, and master difficult conversations. No technology will do it for them. We have trained and coached numerous managers along this path.