Giraffe offers you international expertise in disciplines that form the building blocks of our solutions. We can help improve your organization's performance, align your talent management picture, energize your people through learning, and demonstrate the impact on your business.

Leadership development
Effective leadership depends on context...what works in one situation will not necessarily work in all. The success secrets of a high-flying CEO or the exploits of a famous mountaineer may be interesting, but there is no guarantee they will be relevant to your leaders or your organization.

It's best to develop your leaders to be more flexible and versatile in a range of leadership skills, so they can adapt to changing circumstances and different cultures. Giraffe offers world-class capabilities in a variety of leadership and team development approaches, and expert coaching to extend the value of your leadership evolution over time.

Executive and team coaching
Coaching is emerging as a powerful tool to generate positive forward action because it builds on proven strengths and potential. Individuals and teams develop enriched thinking, deeper insights and clear goals. They take committed action and maintain the changes they have made.

Giraffe's skilled coaching professionals offer a range of coaching interventions for individuals and teams to focus on specific challenges, as well as training in coaching skills for leadership development.

Project management
Effective project management successfully delivers results by defining clear objectives and building powerful plans and a collaborative team climate. The fundamental tools and skills for successful project management do not rely on software, but on the human factors of teamwork and leadership.

Giraffe project management programs focus on the skills needed to build a stronger project management culture in your organization, combining clear senior sponsorship with effective planning, project leadership and true teamwork.

Change management
Do people change only when they see the light or when they feel the heat? In any case, managing change leads the list of today's organizational and management challenges.

Giraffe professionals are well versed in the people side of change: helping clients develop their change strategy, making it happen, and making it stick. Our proactive approach is based on sound leadership and teamwork, understanding the nature of resistance and the roles of key stakeholders, and encouraging genuine sponsorship and communication in building trust and commitment.

Developing better negotiation skills and strategies can improve the outcomes of your interactions with business clients, suppliers, internal departments, colleagues and other stakeholders. Negotiation is also fundamental to the key leadership skills of influence and persuasion.

Giraffe's negotiation experts can help your people increase their ability to prepare effectively, understand the needs and interests of all parties, and "get to yes" by concluding better agreements.

Behavior analysis
Analyzing people's verbal interactions in defined categories makes it possible to provide accurate, objective feedback. People can then compare this evidence with their own perceptions of what they did...and what effective performers are known to do in certain settings.

Giraffe's BA experts can use these tools for observing people and giving feedback, exploring best practices and discussing communication issues. This process can be especially helpful in developing better teamwork and communication, and key leadership skills such as listening and giving feedback.

Clear communication is the fuel for your organization's development. Leaders must listen carefully and focus on their core message to more effectively influence and persuade. They must move from monologue to dialogue to build employee engagement.

Giraffe's experienced professionals can help your organization in a variety of ways: we can coach your leaders to become more effective communicators; develop programs to improve communication practice across your organization; and support any new initiative by developing a clear strategy to spark interest and persuade your people to buy in.

In its best definition, marketing is customer focus. It starts with an intimate knowledge of the customer's needs and preferences. It generates insight that guides the development of on-target products and programs.

Giraffe has experience in a broad range of marketing situations. We can help you spark the interest and action of customers inside or outside your organization, whether for a new program, change project or product/service launch.

Many critical success factors are on the human side of your business: the organization's ability to adapt; the knowledge, creativity and engagement of your people; assessing leadership potential and getting the right people in the right positions. In addition, you need to measure the real return on your human capital investments, such as learning and development -- what is their impact on your business?

Giraffe offers you a variety of tools to assess individual capabilities and preferences, measure organizational performance, and increase productivity. We can pin-point behavioral and resource gaps, and better align individual effort with your company's objectives to help you develop a successful performance culture.