"Leaders need to live the importance of development." - Marshall Goldsmith

Smart organizations develop healthy learning cultures that are fully supported by their leadership, consistent with their strategy, and linked to a shared vision of the future.

When designing your new learning initiative, we look first to this cultural big picture. Then we draw on a wide range of content expertise (including yours), consider appropriate uses of technology, customize and adapt where appropriate, and make the most of adult integrated learning principles.

Our goal is to design the highest-quality user experience, with an eye for learning opportunities outside the traditional realm of 'training.' The result is a learning solution that is effective, experiential and ready for work on Monday.


Are you just washing fish?
Putting people through training programs and returning them to business-as-usual has been compared to washing fish and throwing them back into the same cloudy aquarium. At best, you're wasting money on training. Worse, you could be missing bigger problems in your management culture. Giraffe can help you assess the impact of your training programs...and look at the aquarium, too.
Doesn't 'custom' = 'expensive'?
Some off-the-shelf training programs fit, many don't. If your programs don't align with your culture and strategic direction, you may be losing the true return on your investment - relevance and business impact. Let Giraffe tailor custom learning solutions that will evolve with your business and become a competitive advantage over time. What could be more expensive than irrelevance?
Outside CLO?
Should you consider an outside or interim Chief Learning Officer? Your management team may need to draw on our learning and development experience, particularly during change or transition. Giraffe can fill this role and provide short-term leadership, offering your senior team objectivity, expert advice and reduced downtime in this critical function.