Effective leaders must not only know their business, but must be able to energize their people, encourage new thinking, act as role models...and still deliver results.

Developing your leaders and teams begins with the engagement of your senior management. Then you must be clear on the capabilities you need to develop, and the business outcomes you expect. To help you meet the challenge, Giraffe offers a variety of top-flight leadership and team development approaches, and expert coaching to extend the value of your leadership evolution over time.


Did you ever write a business case?
People in executive and management programs read plenty of business cases about the other guys. Ask us about the Giraffe workshop that teaches your managers to write and discuss cases about your organization. They will learn that telling real stories about your business is a great way to build on your strengths, and deepen your organizational knowledge and management culture.
What do your managers bring to the conference?
Are your managers' meetings mostly networking opportunities, social events, or death by PowerPoint? Why not engage your managers up front by having them work in teams to tackle real problems before the conference? When they're all together, they can present their solutions — and you can celebrate the winners, put the best ideas into practice, and give your team a new sense of purpose.
Innovation – more than a buzzword?
Are your people rewarded to stand out, or to fit the pattern? If your business can encourage creative thinking and develop more adaptive skills and practices, 'innovation' becomes much more than a buzzword. It starts with a leadership culture that has a dream, and provides a secure base of trust and confidence to support real collaboration.