The Giraffe process: how we deliver results

Giraffe's projects focus on results. We collaborate with clients in a phased process, based on key success criteria and a big-picture view of the organization and its business environment.

Key success criteria
Giraffe is committed to working with your organization to meet three key criteria:
  • Alignment The design and implementation must be consistent with your strategy, your unique organizational culture and your systems
  • Engagement Your people – starting at the top — must be enthusiastically engaged in the project and committed to its success
  • Metrics The program must meet both hard and soft success factors in meeting its business objectives
Business diagnosis/strategic assessment
First we listen. We begin by understanding the biggest challenges facing your business, your aspirations and vision for the future. We help you validate your performance objectives and business drivers for your project. We look at the whole system: your strategy, structure, culture, capabilities and management style. Then we make recommendations on the best path to the improvements you want to see in your organization.

  • needs analyses
  • assessment tools
  • interviews/surveys
  • alignment/strategy workshops

Program design and implementation
Once you approve the approach, we design and develop the solution. We manage the project to clear milestones, meeting agreed standards of quality, budget and schedule. Once we implement your solution, we assess its impact to assure it yields the highest return.

  • leadership/team development
  • management programs/skills workshops
  • executive roundtables/conferences
  • individual & team coaching

Follow-up support
Communication, on-the-job reinforcement and support can ensure that the desired improvements 'stick' in the workplace. Our projects often include a follow-up phase to build networks and assure that the change has become part of your organization's culture.

  • marketing/communication programs
  • orientation workshops
  • online surveys/tutorials
  • coaching engagements

As your organization gains insight from the project, we can identify opportunities to reinforce a program, extend its success, and connect it back to its original goals by measuring its impact on your business.

  • success histories
  • follow-up surveys
  • custom assessment tools