Coaching is a guided change process. It helps individuals draw on their inner resources to develop clear goals and a strategy for positive change. A coaching engagement can transform performance delivering significant outcomes for the coachee and the business.

Coaching generates enriched thinking, deep insights, and forward action through the use of active listening, compelling questioning, and integrating appropriate suggestions and resources.

Giraffe's customized coaching interventions help senior and middle managers focus on specific challenges, including organizational restructuring, developing high potential leaders, and enhancing their own leadership performance. We will also work with your business leaders to integrate coaching into your company’s management DNA to develop a coaching culture.


Working at cross-purposes?
Restructuring and other changes often trigger new problems — turf wars, disengaged employees, poor performance. Individuals and teams must regularly assess their goals and challenges and align them with the company's. Giraffe offers coaching solutions to assist them. We can also help senior managers think through and plan appropriate moves to ensure broader buy-in and a smoother transition for all stakeholders.
'How can we learn from reviews?'
Your performance reviews are simple, efficient, and effective at changing behavior and improving the business, right? Actually, most companies admit that their process falls short. Better coaching skills can turn the assessment process into a learning experience for everyone. Giraffe's coaching experts can help you think through the process, and help your managers sharpen their coaching skills for successful goal-setting and feedback.
A team is stalled — it happens.
Coaching can help build successful teams by insuring that the team's objectives and activities are aligned with business goals. Giraffe coaches work with senior and middle managers to engage or re-engage underperformers, develop collaborative behavior, align a team in disarray or energize a team that's not performing at full throttle.